Here are some nice things people have said about us:

Pastor Harold Twine(South Africa), Honeyridge Baptist Church
As their main sending Church it has been a privilege to support the Phelps family over many years. Despite many challenges over the years they have remained faithful to their calling. The spiritual challenges in Africa are huge and there is a desperate need for the training of christian leaders who can teach others. It is in this area of ministry that the Lord has equipped Colin as well as given him a passion for the people of Africa.

Dr Graeme Codrington(South Africa), Futurist, speaker, board advisor, author, researcher
Colin and Grietjie have given their lives to extending God's Kingdom, both by their own efforts on various mission fields as well as by equipping and training many others to do the same.  Their faithfulness is without question, but it is their faith in God – and in all those who support them – that stands out for me.  The decisions they have made throughout the two decades I have known them have always put God and their ministry first.  God has been faithful to them.  It is a privilege to support them and to be part of a team that is impacting the world through them.

Isaac Ngambi(Zambia), Church Mobilisation, OM Zambia
I am sure all who have been Colin`s Training ministry will agree with me that they have been highly impacted on:

a. Exposure to training material and learning how to use it. Personally I have benefited a lot in regards to that effect. One thing that stands out to me is how to interact training material with the learners which I am still learning from Colin. His ministry plays a vital importance in Africa area in order to develop leaders of influence in their various fields as they communicate the gospel to target people groups.  I pray always that Colin lives longer to finish up what God has impacted him to impact others.

b. Methodology to training and learning materials has completely changed my style of presenting the subject to the stipulated audience. Mainly Colin emphasizes on interactive model as opposite to one man exposition. One thing on interactive model is that the facilitator or the presenter appeals to the audience that he does not know everything which humbles him as well. I have been really impacted in this regard. I am busy also impacting local leaders, and also presentations to the church as we mobilise it. It is going very well. So far we are working with more than 15 denominations and local churches.

I would first say thanks to Colin for a vast experience in developing communication skills in us as African Spiritual leaders. Our ministries have grown because of your impact on us. I would also appreciate the donors to Colin and Grietjie to enable them do the work through their support in prayers, finances, moral support, logistics and many more. Please continue to support this wonderful missionary couple in our generation.

Elke Hansmann(Germany), OM International, Personnel Development and Team Life Consultant
I appreciate Colin's ministry - because of the passion and gifting I see come together in him building into people, teaching with clarity and insight, a commitment to quality, the ability to add to a team and work with and in a team, all qualities that are never to be taken for granted. I have had the privilege to work with Colin on several occasions, both as a trainer with him being a participant and on other occasions working together as peers on international training courses. I see a wonderful contribution to God's kingdom growing as I see Colin emerging himself into the African context, building others, while always being a continuous learning himself.

Heather van Buskirk(USA), Community Development Coordinator, AIDS Hope
"Grietjie's small business training has been an invaluable asset to our Adult Skills Development Programme. Through her practical and engaging teaching, our students learn how to turn their skills into profitable business opportunities. Over the past two years I have witnessed firsthand the impact she is making in our community. She helps our students discover their God-given potential and creativity and move from poverty toward a brighter, sustainable future.

Thank you Grietjie for your investment in the Kingdom of God and the people of South Africa!"

Thabo Radzuma(South Africa), Street kid who came to Missions Discipleship Training and went on to serve two years on Logos Hope
1. There they are my family and also in the training base I felt home.
2. Mr Colin He was my mentor, help me to make great choice base in Christ.
3. I think I will like him to continue into mentoring me again.
4. I had whole day long with joyful heart because of Mr Colin He understood me clearly. Such a good listener of all the time thanks for the leadership that He has, 5. teaching that His incredible gift from God Humility, humbleness fearing God it is his nature from God, I learn a lot from Mr Colin and the burden for the nation is His calling.
5. I’m blessed to have him as my prayer supporter so faithful in God work at all the time.
6. MRS Grietjie always well come me at her place at the base most of the time I have refreshment it was remarkable indeed.
7. Specially family time was great shine God Love.

Reinhold Titus(Nambia), Cross-Cultural Preparation Specialist and OM Africa Leadership Development Facilitator
One of the biggest needs in Africa today is the training and development of God's people. Colin is not only passionate about but also highly gifted in this area. God have been using him in raising up equipping and releasing people for ministry for over twenty years and their ministry is needed now even more so than ever before.

Nina Welsby(Switzerland), Mission Discipleship Training graduate who returned to be an MDT leader.
Colin and Grietjie’s ministry impacted me in the following ways:
1. … gave direction, lectures/teaching was eye-opening, feel more equipped as a leader, gave me confidence, made me believe in myself, felt seen and valued.
2. … because they took the time to get to know me, discover there is someone with potential hidden behind a shy facade and were able to walk this journey (of discovering my personality and my gifts) so that I felt able and equipped to take on leadership.
3. … their hospitality, all the nice biscuits and coffee were also so appreciated and made me feel welcome in their home! Their generosity with all they owned (books and DVD's) was a blessing and challenged me to do the same.

Joop Strietman(Netherlands), Responsible for Leadership Matters Course
The best thing anyone can do is in line with 2 Timothy 2 verse 2 (look it up!!) and train others, who can in turn train others also! That is what Colin and Grietje are doing. Please support them in this in whatever way you can.

Todd Laba(USA), Associate Regional Director - Corporate Services, OM Africa
Colin's training and teaching ministry and Grietjie's small business training have had significant impact from Pretoria to Siabuwa, Zimbabwe to Kumasi, Ghana and beyond. Both Colin and Grietjie have a keen sense of cultural intelligence allowing them to bridge 'Western' African culture as well as 'rural'  African culture in a way that builds opportunity instead of obstacles. They are invaluable members of our team.

I appreciate Colin and Grietjie's ministry because they consistently go the extra miles. They are generous with all of their resources from finance, to time, to emotion, to wisdom only taught by the Holy Spirit and experience. Both Colin and Grietjie are 'Kingdom thinkers' keen to impact the Church in Africa with the truths and relevance of the Gospel.

Coen Scholtz(South Africa), Associate Regional Director - Projects and Ministries, OM Africa
We thank the Lord for Colin and Grietjie, and their commitment to see the coming of God’s kingdom to the least reached. Their input in developing Christian leaders and first generation missionaries in Africa is invaluable. Through the missions training and leadership development processes of OM in Africa, we are reaching out to the most marginalized and unreached people groups. They currently function as the leaders of all missions, skills, educational and leadership training in Africa with OM. Through the trainees, they impact these vulnerable and marginalized unreached people groups directly. It is incredible to see how the training enables the missionaries and church leaders to be much more effective in seeing the Lord being worshiped in these very needy places.
It is always encouraging to see that Colin and Grietjie is not only talking, but are actively involved in outreach as well. A great encouragement to me personally was the outreach of Grietjie amongst vulnerable ladies in Mamelodi, South Africa. She encouraged and gave them the tools to start their own small businesses.
Colin and Grietjie are instrumental in the equipping and release of literally hundreds of Africans, from as far as Ghana to Madagascar to South Africa.

I appreciate Colin and Grietjie's ministry because it is strategic and in alignment with their personal gifts. The Lord has uniquely equipped them for a time as this on our continent. The Church in Africa is in desperate need for well-laid foundations and people whose characters has been transformed. Seeing unreached people groups being reached and disciple is especially a passion of the Phelps’.

Supporting the Phelps family personally will be a very strategic use of the resources that the Lord has entrusted to any individual or congregation.

Pranesh Anandlal(South Africa), Director, OM South Africa
The impact of Colin’s ministry has been amazing as I consider how Colin helped shape the OM SA Missions Discipleship program. He helped us to ensure the content of the materials we teach is biblical, relevant and creatively taught.

I appreciate Colin and Grietjie's ministry because of their servant heart and willingness to help in whatever way possible. I admire Colin’s willingness among many things is driving the Training team bus when called upon.

Vicky Graham(Zimbabwe), Missionary Nurse, Siabuwa, Zimbabwe
Colin, the impact your ministry has had on the Tonga pastors, you have helped them look at the word in such away they had never seen or understood before/or how to interpret the word, helped them to be able to teach there people in such away they can understand. Also given them confidence in themselves they can be effective leaders. For me it has been wonderful to see these folk grow and mature as individual also in their spiritual lives. Couple of them are teaching their own churches what you have given them, just not waiting for the others from the group who may never do anything with what they have learnt. Wilson is a real example, he quietly gets on with things.

I have appreciated how you have built them up, also when you teach you have a wonderful way of coming down to the individual level and not speaking above them in English they cannot understand or belittling them. I appreciate your commitment and time given to spend with the pastors, the passion you have to teach.

Nico Leonard(South Africa), OM South Africa AIDS Hope Director, Mamelodi, South Africa
The impact of Colin was helping understanding team life better. Appreciating other team members with their gifts. Grietjie you gave dignity to too many who was hopeless. Colin & Grietjie are willing to serve and help in a professional way. They believe in what they teach and it comes from their hearts. Bless you guys and thank you for your willingness to help here in Mamelodi. You have helped to established this ministry in Mamelodi.

Rene Rossouw(South Africa), Ministry Leader, Moreleta Park DRC Congregation
God only knows the real eternal impact of this couple. During the years I have known them, they have impacted many lives in training, mentoring and counseling. Colin has excelled in leadership development. They never work in recipe style, but always try to meet the individual on ground zero and help them to realize their full potential - without ever taking credit for any achievements that may result from their labor and investments. They have never tried to clone themselves, but allowed each child of God, to excel in their unique potential. I believe, only time will tell how great the harvest of African leaders will be and how many OM students could serve the Lord more effectively because they have crossed ways with Colin and Grietjie.

I have found the humility in which Colin and Grietjie serve in the Kingdom very inspiring. Although I have worked closer with Colin, I know that this couple share the same heart and spirit. Colin has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is quite unique and precious. I have found this couple always willing to serve and to help whenever they think they are able to do so with excellence. What I admire most about Colin is his ability to lead folks to discover their own goals and ideals rather than being prescriptive. Colin is an excellent leader able to mentor and train other leaders. Grietjie has a huge heart of compassion and will go the extra mile to see healing and restoration come to people.

It will always be a privilege to learn from this couple and to share ministry opportunities with them. Being in their presence is always a learning experience.

Elyse Rajoafetra(Madagascar), Field Training Facilitator, OM Madagascar
Since my time at the MDT in South Africa in 2008 I have seen in myself and around me a lot of changes as part of the impact of the Phelps' ministry. They are mainly and basically interested in individual growth and development so that God can impact others through those changed lives in turn. Whether students, colleagues, pastors and other leaders, simple believers or friends, Colin and Grietjie have in many ways imparted what it means to 'become like Christ' to many of them personally.

I appreciate their ministry because they believe in changes and do their best along with their giftings and talents in whatever they do to further the Kingdom of God. They are themselves open to changes and accept different viewpoints and perspectives that lead to interesting discussions and healthy relationships. Their assertiveness at the right time has always inspired me and helped me to continue on this journey of faith.

I am sure Colin's visits in Madagascar have impacted and will continue to impact people - especially the Sofia Church leaders - in a way he would not even think of. We as part the ministry of OM in Madagascar are very grateful to him for those past couple of opportunities and 'others' to come :) May the Lord bless and reward them as a family according to his promise (1 Cor 15:58).

Heather Laba(USA), Prayer Coordinator, OM Africa Area
Colin & Grietjie are both multi-gifted but especially in developing curriculum, teaching and training. I appreciate their sincere love for people and commitment to see them properly equipped and trained on the African continent.

Nigel and Holly Keur (SA / USA), AIDSLink Africa and International
As you guys has been there from when I started with OM,  I can truly say in this journey over this last 6 years you guys have firstly helped me develop not just in my walk with Christ but also as leader,  not just for ministry but also within my family. You and Grietjie have taught Holly and I as a young married couple involved in ministry the importance of sticking it through even when times are tough.The friendship and input you give into our lives is very highly and very much appreciated. 

The impact of your ministry is holistic. Though your job title may not be "member care", I feel that it is your strength. You are about organic care of other missionaries, not organizational care. Grietjie should write a book about all she's learned in her life time as I always find our deep talks practical and spiritually uplifting. As for Colin, he is a great LMC leader because he applies what he teaches to his own life. I know I can trust his advice because he lives that very principle in front of me. Colin & Grietjie are the body of Christ--a rarity in this time. 

Thanks for being willing to go the extra mile.

Greg Meier (South Africa), Missions Discipleship Training Leader
Colin and Grietjie were my leaders while I did my training at the OM base and then I joined the team leadership with them. Colin has been someone that has helped me through many rough patches and is someone that I trust. If it were not for Colin helping me I would probably not be where I am today. I appreciate their ministry because they put a lot of themselves into what they do. They work well as a couple and complement one another in their ministry. Colin has encouraged me and challenged me on many occasions to step out of my comfort zone and sometimes gave me the push that was needed in order for me to step out.