Phelps News - August 2014

1. Zambia
Colin was in Zambia for two weeks at the beginning of August for regional leaders meetings, the annual OM Love Africa Conference, and involved in two leadership development training events. Praise God for a fruitful time of ministry.
2. Mamelodi
Grietjie had the privilege of training 30 plus nursery school teachers from Mamelodi basic bookkeeping and financial planning. The feedback was positive and she is hoping to be able to help some of them further.

3. Upcoming events
2014 is rushing to the end and I have a trip to Germany on the 7
th of September for meetings regarding the Leadership Matters Course and to spend some time with my European equivalent.

We are trusting God for the finances to head to Cape Town at the end of September for a break.

October has various ministry opportunities in Pretoria

November is the Leadership Matters Course in Zambia as well as training trainers meetings and another possible meeting in Zimbabwe in early December.

Please pray for wisdom, strength and God’s provision.

4. Financial update 
God is good! All of the time! Earlier in the year we found ourselves in a particularly difficult financial situation. God has been good and our situation is much improved. There are challenges and we are trusting God for his continued provision as we plan for next year.  Please pray with us for His ongoing provision.

5. Teenagers in ministry
In our last news letter I mentioned the kids' involvement in Eastside Community Church's holiday club ministries. They've subsequently written reflections on their experiences and I've included them below. Thank God for His work in their lives.

Thank you again for your partnership in the Gospel.

Colin for the family.

Caroline’s account of “Trailer Ministry Adventures.”
Hi I am Caroline Phelps, I want to tell you about Trailer Ministry. Trailer Ministry is something that my church has done for the past five years. Our church does a holiday club during the winter holidays. A team from the church then volunteers to do Trailer Ministry and take the holiday club to a church in a rural area. This year we went to Wallmansthall to a church called Praise Tabernacle. The pastor's name is Henrika. The way Trailer Ministry works is that we are asked to come and run a holiday club program. The condition is that the host church has a group of volunteers that we can train so that they can run holiday club on their own later. This Trailer Ministry ran from 6th July to 11th July 2014.

Our team consisted of myself, team leader Gray, Bongani, Dave a leader at my youth group, Gina another of the leaders at my youth group, Catlin a friend from my youth, Taylor a visiting American, Taryn one of the youth members and later on Stacy a member of our church. (Colson was supposed to be with us but he got sick).

So on the 6th, the Sunday, we went to the service and the church prayed for us. At the end of service we were packed and ready to go. The drive to Wallmansthall is about an hour. We got there in time for their morning service, I couldn't attend because Colson was feeling sick so I sat with him until our dad came to pick him up. After the service we unpacked what we needed for supper and unpacked the cars of our sleeping stuff.

The program for the whole week was wake up at about seven thirty and have a coffee and rusks so we could be ready to leave at eight. Then we would go to the soccer field that was to be our 'stage'. Once we arrived we unpacked the breakfast stuff. We would have devotions with the 'home team' then we would divide into our different teams: drama, upfront and age groups. When the children started to arrive we would keep the ones that came early busy until we started with the program. We bagan with worship, then the drama and then age group activities. After age group time we gave them lunch after which we had a closing session. Then we would have a soccer game and side line ministry. On average we would had about fifty kids a day. We had from preschoolers to high school kids.

On Tuesday we had a movie for the kids “Finding Nemo”. And on Thursday we used the EvangeCube to tell the kids about Jesus. Twenty seven kids gave their lives to the Lord that day. Seven of them were from my group. That same day others from our youth group came to help out. After the program we had a Jesus movie for the parents but not that many showed up unfortunately.

After the children left we would spend a little time with the 'home team' and after that we would go back to the church to have supper, have evening devotions and to just hang out together.

The idea of Trailer Ministry is that we train their team to run the holiday club by themselves because next year they would get the materials for the holiday club but not another team. And I am proud to say that they did it and by the end of the week they were more or less running the program by themselves.

Friday I had to leave early so I did not get to attend the parents evening but I heard that it went well.

Things I liked... I liked the feeling of community and the feeling of safety... I liked how friendly the children where... I liked how much pastor Henrika would worry about us and how she would come pray with us every night.

Things I did not like... I did not like the mosquitoes in the long drops... I did not like the freezing cold

I learned... I learned that children can be wise beyond their years (I can't say anything else I made a promise)...
I learned that children truly are human lie detectors.

Prayer requests: On Thursday we had two little girls that we could see wanted to lift their hands but something was holding them back. Bongani noticed the necklaces they were wearing, the necklaces marked them for the Sangoma (Sangoma's are witch doctors of the community) so they could literally not lift their hands. I hurt not to help those beautiful little girls know the Lord. Please pray for these two girls.
Pray for Praise Tabernacle, at the moment the only Christian church in the community, and for pastor Henrika and her husband as they try to help this community come out of the darkness that the Sangoma's have put on this community.

Colson’s Account of Holiday Club.
The holiday club thing is something my church does every year during the winter holidays, when both private and public schools get three weeks off from school. What we do at holiday club is both tiring and exhausting, yet wonderful and satisfying. What we do is teach children about God and we do our best to lead them to Christ.

In total the amount of leaders were 140 or so, but the amount of kids were almost 400. So as you can see all the leaders had their hands full with kids and just trying to keep track of all the kids that they had.

Now let me explain to you how holiday club works. The preparation for holiday club begins, for the leaders, three weeks before it starts. But for the lady who runs the entire thing, it starts directly after the latest one ends. So she works a whole year, so that she is prepared for the next holiday club. When the preparation is done and we have set everything up, we spend the Sunday night before the holiday club week starts at the church.

Now here is something you should know about our… sleeping habits at the church. Our lights out is at 10:30, but most of the leaders on the first night only end up sleeping at 11-12 o’clock at night, because they are all pumped up for it to start. But what most of the newbies didn’t know was that they had to get up at 5:00 in the morning so that we could have morning devotions at 5:30-6:00 and from 6:00-6:30 it was clean up.

We then waited for the kids to arrive. I should probably mention that there are 4 different age groups. They are 0-1,2-3,4-5,6-7. My sister always takes 2-3 and she never allows me to join them for fear of me embarrassing her. I usually take 4-5, because they are usually the group with the most energy. This year I was placed there by default because they didn’t choose me to be on logistics, or as we call it, lolgistics. But I am grateful that I was put there, because our age group leaders were fun and they were also tired by the end of the week.

Now back to when we were waiting for the kids. They were all greeted by our high-five crew, then they received barcodes so that we didn’t lose them and then they were split up into their different age groups and were assigned to their leaders to receive their name tags. After all the kids arrived and they had all been assigned to their small group leaders, our very talented upfront team came up and we just started to dance and sing and we all just had a lot of fun. After that we all split up into our age groups and we all went to our own little private corner of the church.

Once all the 4-5 were where we were going to have our age group time, we opened it up with our warcry and then we did some more dancing, Good grief, where do these kids get all their energy? What are you people feeding your kids?

After the dancing we had a group of our leaders come up and do the play for that specific day. They were a little sloppy at first, but as the days went on they became a lot better at acting out their parts. I, of course, took part in one or two of the plays. After the play had ended and the kids had given them a round of applause, the leader who had to do the memory verse for that day came up and did it in their own specific and unique way. I had that job on day and I did it in the coolest way possible - I rapped - even though it was a little bit of a fail.

When all that was done we went into our small group time where the leaders would just talk to the children about what they had learned that day and how they might be able to work the lesson into their daily lives. Once that was done, they served the kids lunch and after that it was arts, crafts and sports.

The kids loved both but what they loved most was the sports. The boys in my group loved sports with a fierce determination to win. When holiday club started I had in total five kids and a dedicated co-leader. But sadly I started to lose kids so by the end of the week I had but three kids left.

But, come now, let’s get back to the story. After the arts, crafts and sports it was time for the closing session, where, as in the opening session, we had a lot of fun dancing and just jumping up and down. But, unlike the opening session, at the closing session we announced the winners of the sports events of the day. And the winners of the sports, depending on which team they were in, would get a lot of for their team. The two teams were the trailers and the bloopers, and I was on the side of the trailers, and we won, of course, even if the bloopers were the ones who won most of the sports events. Once the closing session was finished and most of the kids were gone, all the leaders went inside for a quick group meeting before lunch. After lunch we had age group time, and then it was free time.

We all had a great time and there were many highlights for me, but the main highlight was just being there. And the thing I could have done without was all the flirting most of the guys and a lot of the girls were doing. What I would do differently would be to take earplugs.

Phelps News - July 2014

Greetings from a chilly Pretoria where the temperatures have slipped below freezing in the mornings.

The Short Version
1. Ghana - Colin had a very productive two weeks of training in Ghana in June. Pray for long-term fruit.

2. Donald Mwape - Colin spent time teaching Donald about training design and designing a mission mobilising process. Pray for Donald's future.

3. GO Challenge - Thank God for a successful GO Challenge and Colin's part in it.

4. Holiday Club - Grietjie, Caroline and Colson were very involved and all felt that it had been worthwhile.

5. Health - Please pray for all of us to get over the colds and flu that we're battling with.

6. Finances - Praise God for major breakthroughs in our personal support.

The Longer Version

1. Ghana
The weather was very different in Ghana in June where I (Colin) spent 2 weeks training. Five days were spent with the OM staff doing leadership training and giving some input in the area of personal support raising. These are two critical areas in all of our fields throughout Africa. We'd particularly appreciate your prayers in the area of support raising. 2000 years ago Jesus said that the harvest was ready but that the labourers were few. Today the same tension exists. Throughout Africa our experience is that there are many willing to make the sacrifice of being a labourer in the harvest field. The challenge is that, largely speaking, the African church has not learnt to give and support to those who wish to serve God amongst the least reached.

I, along with our Ghanaian field leader, Christian Insaidoo, also conducted two 2-day leadership workshops for church leaders. We had nearly 40, mainly younger leaders, attend in Kumasi, and then over 90 in Yendi, a small town in the North-West of Ghana. These workshops were very significant and the feedback, both from the participants and the leadership who had invited us, was extremely positive. The leaders were all from the Ghana Church of Pentecost, the third biggest church in Ghana with over a million members. They are enormously influential and it was a privilege to play a small role in the development of their leadership. Please pray for wisdom in knowing where to go with future opportunities.

2. Donald Mwape
Returning back to a cold Pretoria I spent a week with Donald Mwape, a younger leader who is on two year leadership exposure internship. Donald is from Zambia and was a church planter on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. He is a very gifted individual and has proven himself, and we believe he has a significant contribution to make to the ministry in Africa. We spent the week talking about training design and then working on designing a church mobilising process that would be contextual for Zambia. There is still work to be done but we are excited about the possibilities. Please pray for Donald, Dyness and there three year old son, Blessed, as they spend the next six months as part of our training team leadership here in Pretoria.

3. GO Challenge
While working with Donald I was also getting ready for presenting at OM South Africa's GO Challenge. Around 280 people gathered in Mamelodi for the GO Conference and then teams were sent out to 16 different ministries in and around Pretoria for a week of outreach. I had the privilege of doing "The Biblical Basis of Missions" and "Crossing Cultures" with the larger group. Most of the training I do, and prefer, is with smaller groups where I can have more interaction but it was fun to do some big group activities for change.

4. Holiday Club
While I was at the GO Challenge Grietjie, Caroline and Colson were immersed in nearly 500 children at Eastside Community Church's annual holiday club. Caroline and Colson part of the 140 teenage and young adult leaders and stayed at the church for the duration of the event. Grietjie travelled in and out each day helping with registration and discipling the leaders. Everyone had an amazing time. The holiday club is then followed by the "Trailer Ministry" where the holiday club is literally packed up into a trailer a small team from the church go to a rural community and run the holiday club alongside a local church, training them to be able to do it for themselves the following year. Caroline is there as I write, but unfortunately Colson was laid low by flu and has spent the week at home in bed. Much to his disgust. Please thank God for his goodness and for Caroline and Coslon's ongoing spitirual journey.

5. Health
As I prepare to go up to Zambia for two at the end of July for our Area Leaders meetings, the AfricaLead training, our annual Love Africa conference, and AfricaJourney training please pray for our health. The whole family is struggling with colds and flu.

6. Finances
In our last few newsletters we have mentioned the challenges we face with our finances. We are grateful to be able to report that while we continue to trust God into the future He has seen fit to answer prayer and our personal support, at least until the end of 2104, is sufficient, thanks to an increase in support from two of our supporting churches and four new supporters coming on board. We are blessed, humbled and grateful.

Phelps News - May 2014

Greetings from Pretoria

In Short (If you only have a few moments)
1. March – Colin facilitated a week of training for middle level leaders from a number of countries around Africa.

2. March - Colin travelled to Belgium and participated in an OM International meeting evaluating leadership development throughout the movement.

3. April - Colin travelled to Zimbabwe to meet with pastors in Siabuwa and trained some new recruits in Harare.

4. April - Grietjie went up to Zambia and did some basic business training with a group of sports ministry coaches.

5. Family Finances – Please join us in praying for a significant increase in our monthly support levels.

*** Please stop for a moment and pray for us. ***

Thank you for your interest in our ministry.


In more detail (If you have more time on your hands)

1. Colin – Pretoria (March 2014)
17 mid level leaders from 6 different countries in Africa gathered for a week of training. Colin was privileged to coordinate and guide the week with as they were exposed to a variety of leaders teaching on various topics appropriate to their level and experience. Some of the leaders who were there were:
1. Oscar who leads a team in Ndola, Zambia reaching out to Somalis.
2. Lamech who leads a team in Chipata, Zambia who planting churches amongst Yao Muslims.
3. Immanuel from Ghana who leads a team in the Northern parts of Ghana.
4. Privy who is a key administrator for the OM Zimbabwe office in Harare.

2. Colin - Belgium (March 2014)
Leaders! Without leaders no endeavour will succeed. With 3500 people in over 100 countries all around the globe OM is committed to developing and sustaining leaders. A group of twenty of us met in Belgium to review progress in the organisation and to chart a way forward. It was humbling to be invited to participate in these crucial meetings. I am also looking forward to further involvement in this area.

3. Colin - Zimbabwe (April 2014)
Off again to one of my favourite places - Zimbabwe.

First, quick trip up to Siabuwa in Northern Zimbabwe. What a privilege to handover to the pastors the fruit of their labour. Two years ago I challenged them to translate a short introduction to basic Christian theology into Zimbabwean Tonga. After many hours of hand written translations, then typed into an old laptop, revisions being driven backwards and forwards from Harare to Siabuwa, and typesetting and printing in Pretoria the books were finally finished. There was obvious excitement as the church leaders got first sight of what is probably the first Christian book in their own language. Even their Bibles are in the Zambian Tonga which is quite different. We spent an exciting time together discussing how this Biblically based tool can be used to disciple the believers in the region.

Back in Harare I spent four days with five Zimbabwean men who are considering a future in missions. It was fulfilling to see them grasp the Biblical basis of God's heart for the nations of the earth and to share something of the historical progress of the Gospel since Jesus commissioned His Church 2000 years ago.

4. Grietjie - Zambia (April 2014)
Twenty two faces, four groups, two days - and my task: to lay the foundation on how to run a small business and making a measurable income.

I (Grietjie) arrived the afternoon that the group finished with their 24 hour calvary road marathon.  Standing and watching as the individuals pass me with the wooden beam on their backs, pushing themselves beyond their limits, I wondered where the training that I give fits in.  The next morning I sat and listened as they shared what God taught them during the last 36 hours, words like perseverance, pain, humility, teamwork, support and many other were used to described their experience.  After tea, the team assemble again and we plunged into the BEST simulation game.  I knew we had the time for me not to rush, and by lunchtime we were halfway through module one - but I could see that the individuals were starting to grasp the lessons.  I had to let one accountant know to slow it down - to keep it simple.  During lunch I had a quite word with him, explain what I want to achieve.  After lunch he changed his contribution and the group functioned better.  We finished module one by suppertime.  The evening session started well - until we came to the end of the first assessment - and every group was heading for bankruptcy!! We stopped and the team voted for a restart the next morning. At the end of module two it was clear that we have achieved the target that I set : for each person to understand how a basic business works, to recognise the importance of record keeping, and to have a way to determine the profitability of a business regardless of its size.  My contribution was to equipped the team members with the knowledge to start, run, and find a sustainable micro business within or alongside their main ministry. For some it will become the way to enter a community - for others it will be a way to sustain their ministry - but for all it is tool to use in working in God's kingdom.

5. Family Finances
We find ourselves at a real crossroads. Our personal finances are simply not keeping up with our expenses. While we are constantly grateful for God's obvious provision and particularly for those individuals and churches that continue to support us faithfully. We are also doing all we can to live a simple lifestyle. Despite that we are falling behind and each month it becomes more difficult to pay the bills.

The bottom line is we need more support. We do not receive a salary and the people to whom we minister are unable to contribute to our living expenses.

We are open to God leading us in a different direction if he so desires but at present we remain convinced that we are serving Him where He wants us.

We believe we need 5-10 new supporters who would commit to a monthly amount of between R200 (US$20) - R1000 (US$100). If you believe that God is leading you to join us in what God through us please contact me and we'd be happy to share more about what we do.

Praise for:
1. The many opportunities to minister within Africa training labourers for the harvest field.
2. God’s faithful provision for us as a family.

Prayer for:
1. Hearing from God as to His strategic direction and wisdom in choosing between opportunities.
2. Caroline and Colson as they grow and develop as young teenagers.
3. Ongoing support and provision of our monthly needs.
4. The sale of our house in Randburg. (***This one is a big one!!!!***)

Blessings and thank you
Colin for the family

Phelps News - 2014 Preview

2014 Preview

January (Ok! So this is the review part! Where did it go?)
2014 started with a bang as OM Africa hosted 4 events in Pretoria.
It started with our regional leaders meetings for two days. It is always a privilege to spend time with our country leaders and to hear what God is doing in their ministries.
We then went into training for the senior leaders. I enjoyed leading sessions relating to mentoring and developing younger leaders.

Some of the leaders left and other people cam and then we did 5 days of financial development. A team of international fund raising specialists came to help with setting up fund raising systems within our fields to see funding raised within Africa. A last minute cancellation by one of the trainers meant I was called in at last minute to help with some of the training.

There was then a two day break before we started a ten day Muslim Church Planting training. This was done by a number of trainers who between them had about 70 years of experience of ministering to in Muslim countries.

I spent a total of 19 days in the classroom and was responsible for most of the logistics such as training requirements, transport and accommodation for delegates, as well as participating and training. It was an intense month but very worthwhile. The feedback from the different participants was encouraging and action plans when implemented could see significant results in our fields.

Grietjie and the kids got back into the homeschooling and while there have been the usual issues they are progressing well.
A quieter month which is focussed on doing some training locally, writing training material, catching up with admin and confirming planning for the remainder of the year.

March starts out with a group of middle leadership candidates coming down to Pretoria from all over Africa for five days of leadership input which starts a 12 month process of studies and mentoring. I am busy working on the final details of the curriculum at present.

In March I have been invited to participate in two meetings in Belgium. The first is a consultation where leadership development specialists from around the OM world to evaluate how we are doing organisationally in terms of developing leaders and what we can do to improve.

I then go into a three day workgroup meeting to specifically review our foundational level leadership course.

April see me travel to Zimbabwe to train a group of missions candidates, meet with the OM Zimbabwe team and travel up to Siabuwa to do training with the pastors, specifically in how to use the "Knowing and Doing" theological introduction that they have translated.

There is also a chance that Grietjie will travel up to Zambia to do some entrepreneurial training with a group of sports ministry specialists.

I was hoping to be able to organise a training indaba for the training specialist in the area at the beginning of May but for practical reasons it is looking unlikely. 

We are hoping as a family to be travelling up through Zimbabwe to Zambia for an extended period of ministry at the base in Zambia as well as visiting some of the ministries in Zambia.

I will be doing my 11th trip to Ghana in June to do leadership training, support raising training and some ministry to pastors.

At the end of June we will be participating in OM South Africa's GO Challenge in Mamelodi. If you are interested in participating in this exciting opportunity simply go to for more information.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a good excuse to travel in July (YET!!) Somewhere warm would be nice :-)

In August I travel up to Zambia again for our Love Africa conference as well as a variety of other training events.

Grietjie and the kids will not be going this year as they are participating in a musical production of "The Sound of Music" in Johannesburg, We'll let you know details closer to the time.

The Leadership Matters Course that I have now trained 5 times have invited me to the Netherlands for further training and to talk about my further involvement.

***NB*** A big prayer request here is that I would like to take Caroline with me to give her some international exposure. We have not planned the details yet but the idea would be for her to join me and then we would spend 10 days or so possibly going to Paris, London etc. Caroline is very excited and we are looking to God for his plan.

At the end of September I am planning to go up to Namibia to work with our team their. If we are able we will do it as a family road trip and make it part of our annual leave.


If things work out we will then drive from Namibia to Cape Town for the remainder of our leave to see my family. While in Cape Town we will also participate in a Freedom Climb event as well as presenting a Mentoring Clinic for our team in Cape Town.

We are hoping to have a Leadership Matters Course in Zambia and that will mean my third trip to Zambia for 2014.

At this point December is hopefully a quieter month of catching our breaths and get ready for 2015!

I'm exhausted thinking about this and this is only the big events. In between trips there is always a heap of admin, planning and preparation. I am also available for preaching and training in SA when I am in the country.

Grietjie and the kids obviously continue throughout with the home schooling and other life activities.

Please do pray for these activities.

Pray for the 

Colin for the family

Phelps News - 2013 in Review

2013 started out with many uncertainties. There were significant organisational financial challenges and we were not sure what the year would hold? Was I going to be able to visit fields and help develop training and trainers, or would I have to work primarily from Pretoria via email and Skype? God challenged us in the area of where we find our worth and satisfaction.

February was focussed on local training at our training base in Pretoria and for other organisations in the Gauteng region. Time was also spent on planning and producing training materials. The direction of the year still felt uncertain but there was certainly plenty to turn our hand to. March was concluded with our OM Africa Regional Leaders retreat. What a privilege to spend 5 days in retreat, fellowship and meetings with our regional leaders. This was a key time in communicating training values and philosophy with our country and ministry leaders. It has been gratifying to see changes in alignment and practice in many of our fields.

In April Grietjie and I saw a long-term dream fulfilled as we travelled to Zambia together to do training. We were invited to participate in a Sports ministry specialist school. Colin got to teach Leadership, How to Study the Bible and Designing Training and Grietjie did basic entrepreneurial skills.

Colin then helped a colleague move to Zambia by a truck up with their furniture on it. Three days at the Livingstone border post waiting for customs put a whole new slant on patience development!

May saw us take a camping holiday out at Bela-bela before Colin went off to Belgium for three weeks. Three weeks of great input and interaction at the OM Senior Leaders came at the price of only seeing the sun once or twice! The two week leadership course was followed by an international forum on personal support raising.

In what was a master piece of timing Colin got back from Belgium in time to say goodbye to Grietjie as she went up to Lake Tanganyika to do entrepreneurial training with our team there. She flew to Lusaka and then caught an 18 hour bus to get to Mpulungu where the training was done. The feedback was extremely positive and we are hearing reports of some small businesses that are helping support some of our workers.

June concluded with Colin going down to George to participate in the 3 day orientation conference, the GO Challenge, which prepared the 200 people who were going out on outreach. I did a two hour workshop on ministering cross-culturally and had great fun doing an interactive learning simulation game with all 200 participants.

The Daniel Initiative is a program aimed at helping leaders from the Global South succeed in the global leadership arena. Colin helped design the pilot program and participated in the week long training of 20 international leaders in Pretoria.

Later in July the family headed off on a road trip to Zimbabwe and Zambia. In Zimbabwe Colin spent time with the OM team in Harare and participated in the 2nd annual Siabuwa missions conference. It was encouraging to see the progress in the missions vision of the churches in this remote region of Zimbabwe.

We then drove up to Zambia for our annual Love Africa conference in Kabwe. We also participated in the regional leaders meetings, leadership training and training on ministering in Orality based cultures.

On our way home we got to spend to fantastic nights camping on the banks of Lake Kariba. The man-made lake is a fantastic natural show piece.

In September Colin hosted his international colleagues from the various regions in OM in Pretoria for a five day training consultation.

A unique experience was flying up to Venda in a Cessna Caravan with Flying for Life (an MAF affiliate) to meet with community and church leaders to discuss possible leadership development interventions for the community of Makuya. Time will tell if there is further work to be done here.

One trip, two countries, two fantastic opportunities! Colin attended the Leadersource Leadership Consultation. Two hundred leadership development practitioners from around the world, one hundred of whom were from mainland China gathered to be motivated and challenged to continue making leadership development a priority and to do it effectively.

Colin then went on to Pakistan to join three other trainers in training 20 Pakistani workers in how to be more effective trainers. What a privilege to spend ten days equipping workers who are spreading the Gospel in a country where there are less than 1% evangelical believers.

The Leadership Matters Course in Zimbabwe would have seen Grietjie and the kids accompany Colin to Zimbabwe but circumstances changed and Colin had to go alone. The course went well but a third three week trip in the year was tough being away from the family.

December's highlight were a surprise visit to Cape Town for Colin's Dad's 70 birthday and then a good long break at home. We ended the year rested and refreshed.

Homeschooling has progressed well and Grietjie and the kids are deserving of medals for the hard work they've put in.
Financially we saw God do the miraculous and although our committed regular monthly giving is well short of what we need somehow we ended the year more or less in in budget.
Significant milestones were Caroline's 16th birthday and Colson's 14th!


Colin for the family.