Phelps News - 2014 Preview

2014 Preview

January (Ok! So this is the review part! Where did it go?)
2014 started with a bang as OM Africa hosted 4 events in Pretoria.
It started with our regional leaders meetings for two days. It is always a privilege to spend time with our country leaders and to hear what God is doing in their ministries.
We then went into training for the senior leaders. I enjoyed leading sessions relating to mentoring and developing younger leaders.

Some of the leaders left and other people cam and then we did 5 days of financial development. A team of international fund raising specialists came to help with setting up fund raising systems within our fields to see funding raised within Africa. A last minute cancellation by one of the trainers meant I was called in at last minute to help with some of the training.

There was then a two day break before we started a ten day Muslim Church Planting training. This was done by a number of trainers who between them had about 70 years of experience of ministering to in Muslim countries.

I spent a total of 19 days in the classroom and was responsible for most of the logistics such as training requirements, transport and accommodation for delegates, as well as participating and training. It was an intense month but very worthwhile. The feedback from the different participants was encouraging and action plans when implemented could see significant results in our fields.

Grietjie and the kids got back into the homeschooling and while there have been the usual issues they are progressing well.
A quieter month which is focussed on doing some training locally, writing training material, catching up with admin and confirming planning for the remainder of the year.

March starts out with a group of middle leadership candidates coming down to Pretoria from all over Africa for five days of leadership input which starts a 12 month process of studies and mentoring. I am busy working on the final details of the curriculum at present.

In March I have been invited to participate in two meetings in Belgium. The first is a consultation where leadership development specialists from around the OM world to evaluate how we are doing organisationally in terms of developing leaders and what we can do to improve.

I then go into a three day workgroup meeting to specifically review our foundational level leadership course.

April see me travel to Zimbabwe to train a group of missions candidates, meet with the OM Zimbabwe team and travel up to Siabuwa to do training with the pastors, specifically in how to use the "Knowing and Doing" theological introduction that they have translated.

There is also a chance that Grietjie will travel up to Zambia to do some entrepreneurial training with a group of sports ministry specialists.

I was hoping to be able to organise a training indaba for the training specialist in the area at the beginning of May but for practical reasons it is looking unlikely. 

We are hoping as a family to be travelling up through Zimbabwe to Zambia for an extended period of ministry at the base in Zambia as well as visiting some of the ministries in Zambia.

I will be doing my 11th trip to Ghana in June to do leadership training, support raising training and some ministry to pastors.

At the end of June we will be participating in OM South Africa's GO Challenge in Mamelodi. If you are interested in participating in this exciting opportunity simply go to for more information.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a good excuse to travel in July (YET!!) Somewhere warm would be nice :-)

In August I travel up to Zambia again for our Love Africa conference as well as a variety of other training events.

Grietjie and the kids will not be going this year as they are participating in a musical production of "The Sound of Music" in Johannesburg, We'll let you know details closer to the time.

The Leadership Matters Course that I have now trained 5 times have invited me to the Netherlands for further training and to talk about my further involvement.

***NB*** A big prayer request here is that I would like to take Caroline with me to give her some international exposure. We have not planned the details yet but the idea would be for her to join me and then we would spend 10 days or so possibly going to Paris, London etc. Caroline is very excited and we are looking to God for his plan.

At the end of September I am planning to go up to Namibia to work with our team their. If we are able we will do it as a family road trip and make it part of our annual leave.


If things work out we will then drive from Namibia to Cape Town for the remainder of our leave to see my family. While in Cape Town we will also participate in a Freedom Climb event as well as presenting a Mentoring Clinic for our team in Cape Town.

We are hoping to have a Leadership Matters Course in Zambia and that will mean my third trip to Zambia for 2014.

At this point December is hopefully a quieter month of catching our breaths and get ready for 2015!

I'm exhausted thinking about this and this is only the big events. In between trips there is always a heap of admin, planning and preparation. I am also available for preaching and training in SA when I am in the country.

Grietjie and the kids obviously continue throughout with the home schooling and other life activities.

Please do pray for these activities.

Pray for the 

Colin for the family