Phelps News - Jul 2012


The Phelps’ are on the road! We left Pretoria last week Monday 16
th and are now some 2500 kms away in Mpulungu, in North East Zambia on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Our new bakkie has performed admirably and we have travelled well albeit some really long days in the vehicle.

Siabuwa, Zimbabwe
We travelled first (1400kms) to Siabuwa in Northern Zimbabwe to participate in a missions conference organized by the pastors that Colin has worked with over the last four years. Colin preached and presented a workshop. Particularly exciting was Grietjie having the opportunity to present a business basics workshop. Our dream of travelling and training is coming true. Caroline and Colson discovered life without electricity and meat doesn’t come shrink wrapped in a supermarket. Colson assisted in the killing of the two goats used to feed the conference participants.

After six nights in Siabuwa we travelled (700 kms) to Kabwe, Zambia via the Kariba Dam wall. It was amazing to see the relatively small dam wall that holds back so much water.

Kabwe, Zimbabwe
We had a rest day in Kabwe and spent some time with some old friends, Chris and Jean Agenbag.

Mpulungu, Zambia
We then travelled the 840 kms to Mpulungu to visit OM’s ministry that seeks to reach the unreached peoples living on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Zambia, Tanzania, DRC, and Burundi. It is estimated that only 1% of the lake’s population are Christian. They live largely in isolated fishing villages. OM’s strategy is a multi-facetted approach with small boat that carries people and medical supplies to make the initial contact with the villages and then trains local people as evangelists and church planters and encourages them to take the Gospel to nearby villages.

Colin preached at the local police station to three cells of prisoners. OM has a worker who takes them food every day and ministers to them. Griejtie spent an afternoon with 15 indigenous missionaries teaching them the basics of budgeting and cash flows using the BEST entrepreneurial training. It was very well received and we will probably need to see if Grietjie can come up again to present the rest of the training to that group and possibly to another group as well.

As a family we had the chance to visit a stone church built by the London Missions Society in 1895. The missionaries were sent out in response to the challenge of David Livingstone’s life and work. The kids are reading about David Livingstone during this trip and it is amazing to be able to visit sites that he is associated with. The LMS had a boat on the lake called the “Good News” and our ministry here is called the “Good News II”. With all of the tension that Africa’s colonial missions past raises it is extraordinary to see how David Livingstone is admired by the local people throughout this region.

Colin preaches in a local fellowship tomorrow and then on Monday we head back (840kms) to Kabwe.

Kabwe, Zambia
We will be in Kabwe for two weeks. Colin is leading an upcoming leaders program for a few days, then we all attend and participate in the 4 day Love Africa missions conference (about 600 people expected), and then Colin and Grietjie will attend the OM Africa Leaders Meetings.

We’ll then head back to SA via Victoria Falls.

Praise God for
1. His hand of protection over us thus far.
2. Being able to travel and minister together as a family.
3. The vehicle that is allowing us to do this trip.

Pray for:
1. Continued safety on the roads.
2. Effective ministry.
3. The finances to completely pay for the trip. Fuel costs are the real challenge – Around R6000 for the trip.

If you want to see some photos of the trip go to: