Phelps News - Oct 2013

To use a sports metaphor, we are deep into the fourth quarter of the year that is 2013! What a year it has been and the remaining months are speeding by!

Looking Back
July/ August saw us as a family do what is becoming an annual 5000 km road trip to Zimbabwe and Zambia doing various training and attending regional meetings. Since we returned we’ve had a slightly slower paced period at home.

We’ve been occupied with the normal issues of life such as dealing with tenants in our house in Johannesburg, vehicle issues such as worn clutches and blown head gaskets.

Grietjie did some more entrepreneurial training in Mamelodi and had the opportunity to speak at a large church women’s conference about missions. She also finished translating an OM bible study book from English to Afrikaans.

Grietjie and the kids had to put their heads down to catch up with the schooling after the extended interruption with our road trip.

I’ve been working on budgets and ministry plans for 2014. In the midst of the administrative type work I’ve preached a few times, done some leader training in various settings, conducted a workshop at MissionFest, consulted with a Bible college regarding their missions program, hosted an international meeting of my peers, and flew up to Venda with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) to research the possibility of some community and church leader development.

Immediate Future
The remainder of the year sees me doing a number of trips. On the 13
th of October i travel to Hong Kong for a Leadership Development Consultation.

I received this communication from the organisers this week: “The LDC itself has generated a tremendous amount of interest. Originally we had anticipated a maximum of 120 participants. Currently we have over 230 registrants! About half of these are from mainland China and the other half are from 20+ other nations. We’re looking forward to a great event.”

After a week in Hong Kong I go straight on to Pakistan to be part of a team presenting “EquipT”, a train the trainers course for missionaries and church leaders. I am excited about going to a country I’ve never been to before.

I get back on the 31
st of October and then head up to Zimbabwe a week later to do train in a Leadership Matters Course in Harare for two weeks.

There may then be a short trip to Zambia in early December to consult on training.

Looking Ahead
A few things on the horizon:
1. Caroline is 16 in December and we are beginning to take some fairly significant decisions regarding her future and education.
2. Paul Guinness, my assistant for the last two years is going to spend the next year or so up at Lake Tanganyika as we seek to develop his training skills further.
3. Next year is shaping up to be a busy, but strategic one. God has been good and much of my ministry budget for next year has already been sourced which allows my to plan ahead more specifically than I’ve been able to in the past.
4. Our personal finances remain a challenge but we have seen God provide and continue to trust him on a monthly basis.

Please pray:
For the travelling that I’ll be doing in the next months.
For Grietjie, Caroline and Colson as they remain at home while I’m away.
For Paul as he moves on to this new situation after two months at home on the UK and for me as I seek a new assistant.
For next years plans.
For our personal finances.


Colin for the family