Feb 2012

Phelps News - Feb 2012

A more detailed prayer letter is in the pipeline but we need your prayers for tomorrow, Monday 13th particularly.

Firstly Grietjie is going in for surgery to fix a damaged ligament in her groin area. She has struggled with pain for a number of years and after misdiagnoses and medical aid intransigence we finally seem to be at the point of being able to address the problem properly.

She will go into hospital at 12:00 tomorrow afternoon and is schedule for surgery around 18:00. She’ll then stay overnight and then if all is well come home on Tuesday morning. She has then been told that she cannot drive, run, jump or pick anything heavy up for around three weeks.

We are grateful that we have a medical aid that will cover most of the cost and are confident that Grietjie is firmly in the grip of the savior who is sovereign.

The second thing is that my father in Cape Town, goes in for surgery to remove a cancerous growth from a lung tomorrow as well. His surgery is scheduled for the morning. (See his email below if you want all the details.)

We would value your prayer, knowing that our Heavenly Father will hear, and act according to His perfect will and purpose.

Thank you in advance for your love and prayers.
Colin for the family

My dad’s email dated 8
th Feb.

Hi All

You will know by now from our sms messages that I've been diagnosed with secondary cancer.

Let me take you through the sequence of events and then you'll know as much as I do!

Last Wednesday I went for my annual MRI and chest X-Ray in preparation for a six monthly check up with the Oncologist.

The MRI of the thigh (site of the original cancer) showed no change but the chest X-Ray showed some "scarring" so the Oncologist sent me for a CT scan of chest and lower abdomen early on Friday morning before my appointment with her mid-morning.
The CT scan showed two small (15mm) growths - one in the lower left lung and the other diametrically opposite in the upper right lung. [Once again confirming that I lead a balanced life!].

Visited a specialist Thoracic surgeon(Prof. Mark de Groot) this morning and he will operate on Monday 13th February at the Kingsbury Hospital (same hospital as the original op four years ago) to remove the growth in the left lung.

Approximately 4-6 weeks later (depending on how well and quickly I recover) I'll go back in for him to remove
the second growth.

Prof de Groot will use a keyhole type technique known as VATS (nothing to do with wine, beer or SARS).
The full technical term is Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (wedge excision or segmentectomy).
Sounds interesting - and who knows I might even become a  You Tube star
- watch this space!

I will see a specialist Physician tomorrow morning who will give a full check up to make sure I'm fit enough to undergo the surgery. Last week a friend described me as "strong as an ox" - but that's a load of bull!

Obviously, I would have preferred my annual scans to have been clear again but the upside is that there are only two growths, they are both small (<20mm) and it has taken almost four years since the primary cancer was discovered. Apparently these factors are all in my favour for a positive outcome, although, of course, there can be no guarantees.

Worrying about the outcome is not going to change the situation and I am confident that the LORD is on my side and He will see me through this "rough patch".
Please remember me and Joy in your prayers as the next few months are going to be interesting and hectic to say the least.

Hope this rambling message makes sense but I thought it better to give you all the information that I have.

All the best.
Best wishes to you and all your families.

Bill & Joy