Phelps News - Aug 2013

In the two and half months since our last newsletter much has happened.

May - Colin to Belgium (Senior Leaders and Support Raising Forum)
June - Grietjie to Lake Tanganyika for Entrepreneurial training.
June - Colin to Mossel Bay for Go Challenge.
July - Colin participates in Daniel Initiative and youth camp.
July - Family to Zimbabwe (missions conference & ministry to OM team)
August - Family to Zambia (Area leaders meetings, Love Africa conference and Orality training).

In the second half of May, Colin travelled to Belgium to attend OM International's Senior Leaders training course for two weeks. It was a fantastic time of interaction and learning with a small group of leaders from around the OM world. We were from 13 different countries working in 12 different countries. Such a privilege to interact with leaders from fields like Laos, Lebanon, Chile, El Salvador, Thailand and Albania. I then stayed on for a personal support raising forum, where a group of us form around the OM world talked about how we can better prepare missionaries to build support teams to enable them to do the ministry God has called them to. (It was great reflecting on the dedicated group of people who have faithfully supported us in our ministry journey.)

Colin return home after three weeks away from home in time to say goodbye to Grietjie as she went off on her first solo ministry trip out of the country since we've been married. Here's her report:
"It was an adventure for me to travel alone – for the first time – to do the Entrepreneurial training in a different country.
Being on the road for two days to get to Lake Tanganyika, having one rest day and then spend 5 days teaching two groups of 16 people each the basics of running micro businesses.
The first group were English proficient.  Out of this group four people were asked to assist with the second group that require translation.  This was a great decision as it meant that these four people were able to do the training a second time as well as assist the participants in the translation group to understand the training.
I returned (making the 2 day journey) to Pretoria.  Paul Guinness who was staying up at the lake offered to follow up on the micro business that is part of the training.  The certificates of completion for this group were be handed out at the Love Africa Conference."

Grietjie got home in time to say goodbye to Colin as he took off to drive a bus down to Mossel Bay to attend the OM South Africa annual Go Challenge. The Go Challenge is a five day missions conference followed by a 10 day outreach into the local churches. Colin presented teaching at the conference and coordinated break out workshops.

A week later Colin was involved in coordinating and facilitating a OM international forum called the Daniel Initiative which aims to prepare leaders in the organisation international leadership roles.

Colin then spoke at a Johannesburg church's teenage youth camp, with the theme of "The Gospel according to YouTube." This was really challenging as it is way outside my comfort zone!!!

Then we headed of North. In mid July we drove up to Harare, Zimbabwe. Grietjie and the kids stayed in Harare with friends while Colin drove up to Siabuwa in the North to participate in a missions conference with the pastors in the area. What a blessing to see rural churches grappling with what they can do to participate in God's mission to reach the nations of the earth.

There was then a time of ministry in Harare with the OM team and then we drove up to Kabwe in Zambia for our annual regional leadership meetings, some leadership training for our field leaders, the annual Love Africa conference and then a two day workshop on ministering to Oral learners.

We arrived home on Sunday 11th August. On our way back from Zambia, we had an amazing two nights on the shore of Kariba dam, then a night in Harare.

- For a very fruitful time of ministry.
- For safety in all of the travelling.
- For God's provision financially.

- For lasting fruit.
- We're having issues with our tenants in our house in Johannesburg. Please pray for wisdom and resolution.
- For some rest and refreshing in the next weeks.

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel

Colin for the family