Phelps News - Aug 2012


It has been two weeks since we arrived back in Pretoria after our adventure.

6000 km
28 days
2 countries
2 missions conferences (Colin & Grietjie) (Check out Love Africa Conference on Facebook )
3 days leadership training(Colin)
1 Training workshop(Colin)
2 entrepreneurial training workshops (Grietjie)
Sports ministry (Colson)
Kids ministry (Caroline & Colson)
Prison ministry (Colin & Colson)
Mentoring, encouraging and challenging others (and being challenged ourselves)

Fun times
Swimming in Lake Tanganyika, crossing Kariba Dam wall, getting wet in the spray of Victoria Falls.

- Meeting and spending time with our amazing colleagues who are impacting the continent for the Gospel.
- Our GWM bakkie that did 6000 kilometers with ease. Only issue was a power steering belt that broke and was easily fixed.
- Caroline & Colson using passports for the first time in their lives.
- Getting back from the trip and discovering that supporters had fully paid for the trip!
- Colson saying he wants to go back to Lake Tanganyika to be a missionary to take the Gospel to the lost.
- Hearing the plea from the eastern DRC of the incredible need in what is a very dark place.

What now
- Catching up with homeschooling curriculum (Kids learnt plenty but some of the curriculum stuff didn’t happen much!)
- OM Africa has moved to new offices in Hatfield, Pretoria with all of the disruption that goes with that. (If you’re in Pretoria come and visit and hear the amazing story of God’s provision.)
- Grietjie is doing entrepreneurial training in Mamelodi.
- Colin teaching Mentoring with the training base leadership.
- 15
th – 29th September Colin & Grietjie teach the Leadership Matters Course ( in Pretoria. (Grietjie’s niece is coming to look after the kids)
- Planning for 2013
- October we head down to Cape Town for three weeks of ministry and holiday (visiting family)

Thank you for your partnership with us as we seek to serve our King.

Colin for the family