Siabuwa Newsflash

2 Timothy 2:2 in Siabuwa, Zimbabwe (April 2012)

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others. (2 Timothy 2:2, NIV)

In 2001 Vicky Graham moved into the remote Zambezi valley, Northern Zimbabwe and began mobile clinics among the Tonga people. Over the years relationships with the community were established and credibility built. Building on that and various other training the LIFE Development team, Colin Phelps, Mike Van Vuuren & Todd Laba began in March, 2009 training a group of church leaders, traveling to Siabuwa every six months. In April 2012 the baton was handed over to the first group of church leaders. They invited other church leaders and spent two days training them using the material and skills they had learned during the three year process with the LIFE Development team.

Siabuwa Discipleship Journey

When asked to reflect back on the three year LIFE Development process, one of the first group of church leaders, January Muchimba, testified:
“By studying the word of God everyday I am seeing God working with me and I find myself being down to the people whom I lead. I can present God's message in an amazing way through the knowledge which I have attained from LIFE Development. I see this hearing feedback (from his congregation) such as how to study the bible, storying, and caring for the needy in community. And now I know that it is my duty to reach other nations for Christ, and this is a commitment I have to do as a command from God not think of myself but other fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in this world we live. By doing this people are starting to love God by change of attitude.”

Praise God for what he has done thus far, and pray that he would guard the unity in the group as they seek to pass on the truth of God’s Word.